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Tapioca Pearl

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Tapioca Pearl


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Step 1, Prepare the ratio is 1:8, tapioca pearl to water.
Step 2, Boil the water first in a pot.
Step 3,Put the tapioca into the boiled water.
Step 4, Stir them gently to avoid sticking to the pot.
Step 5, Wait till the tapioca pearl float in the boiling water.
Step 6, Reduce the heat to medium for 25 minutes. (make sure stir them gently in the pot)
Step 7, Turn the heat off and leave the tapioca pearl in for 30 minutes with the cover on. (remove the pot from electric stove if use)
Step 8, Rinse the cooked tapioca pearl with clean fresh water.
Step 9, Mix with syrup for better storage before the tapioca pearl get mushy.
Step 10, Serve with favorite drinks and enjoy chewy tapioca pearl.