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Roselle Jam (Petal)

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Roselle Jam (Petal)


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–The hotest drink this summer, the drinking beauty care, "Roselle skin beauty beverage".
Quick and Convenient
 No need to cook or additional process. It can be use in making drinks or desserts easily.
Wide application with snacks
It can be made into different kinds of dessert, jam, and candied fruit etc. It is also suitable for cake, bread and snack. It creates plentiful varieties for your menu.
Various drinks flavor
Matches with juice or tea to make drinks, upgrading the flavor and flourishing the choices of drinks.
High Nutrition
Contains high Vitamin C, Anthocyanin, Flavonoid, Organic Acid and Isoflavones etc. Which can scavenge Free Radical, be anti-oxidant and reduce inflammatory response; The sourish taste can wash down the grease and stimulate your appetite.
Say good bye to all your beauty filter in your phone.
The skin beauty Roselle beverage is the drinking beauty care!
No need for PS anymore, it just gives you the ruddy and healthy filter you need.
Uprising your popularity and romantic encounters!
Roselle beverage can retouch beauty, decompose the grease and be anti-oxidant,
Let Roselle beverage make you lighter and much more gorgeous this summer!
All you need is a Roselle beverage, which is the perfect drink for beauty care!
For Menu Items
Teashop, Special teahouse, Restaurant
The Roselle is vivid red and the color is pretty as well. It can make into splendid beverage and match with different kinds of fruits, drinks and desserts.
Fruit Beverage
Matching with sour and sweet berries, Citrus Fruit and etc. It gives a richer taste.
Tea Beverage
Adding into different kinds of teas can result in upgrading the flavor of beverage and brings diversity into drinks.
Can be processed into varieties of dessert, jam and candied fruit. Also can be applied for salad, cakes, jelly, Panini, pastry, Hot pressed toast and cheese, to create the diversity of menus.
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