New Arrivals!
Almond Jelly, Sweet, Soft and Chewy~!

Rich and intense classic almond flavor, with the aroma of almond nuts. The aftertaste emphasizes a rich milky fragrance. The texture is rich, smooth, and tender, with a continuous sweetness at the end. Ideal for beverages, especially with pure tea, milk tea, and some fruit teas. Also suitable as a dessert ingredient.

New Arrivals!
Taiwanese Style Jelly Cake Powder

Tachungho’s exclusive product, allows you to create a variety of flavored Taiwanese Style Jelly Cake with a unique taste and a chewy and resilient texture by adding juices, syrups, powder or other liquids according to your personal recipe ratios.

New Arrivals!
Hojicha, Modern Hand-Shaken Drink Style!

This authentic grain roasting aroma with notes of natural honey will gently caress your nostrils.
Hojicha blended drinks embody an understated luxury of premium ingredients, sophisticated recipe and a stylish design.
For modern people that care about taste in every way. This affordable luxury tea beverage opens up a new chapter in on-the-go tea drinking culture.
The Tachungho Hojicha Series offer beverages that stay with you, long after the last sip.

Best Selling!
Dark Chocolate Flavor Drink Powder

Pursuing a rich cocoa flavor? Looking to elevate your bubble tea with chocolate powder? Tachungho's Dark Chocolate Flavor Drink Powder is specified by 440 brands, with 350 of them consistently ordering for over a decade.

The unique and sophisticated aroma of mature chocolate is the key to conquering customers' taste buds! 

The secret to premium chocolate lies in its high fat content, and the optimal cocoa powder fat content is 20-24%. Tachungho's exclusive Dark Chocolate Flavor Drink Powder boasts a cocoa fat content of 20-22%, providing a silky and rich texture, accompanied by a subtle bitterness in the aftertaste. Adding it to your drinks takes the beverage to a whole new level!

Best Selling!
Chocolate Flavor Drink Powder

Tachungho Chocolate Flavor Drink Powder, designated for use by hundreds of brands for over 10 years!

The rich nutty aroma and fast solubility are two key features that have earned the trust of these brands! 

Selected from different cocoa powders to blend together, our Chocolate Flavor Drink Powder delivers a mouthwatering experience with its intense nutty aroma swirling around your palate. When mixed with water, it creates a creamy and smooth texture akin to chocolate milk, adding richness to your beverages.

Best Selling!
Tapioca Boba (D) (export)

Do you often find yourself frustrated with boba clumping together, the outer layer becoming sticky, or the inner core turning hard after just 4 hours?

Tachungho Tapioca Boba is best enjoyed within 4 hours, but even after 6 hours, they remain chewy, delicious, and resistant to clumping. 

The key lies in our carefully selected premium tapioca starch, enhanced with the aroma of brown sugar flavoring and crafted through elaborate processes, our boba boast a firm, chewy texture with an increasingly fragrant caramel aroma as you chew. 

Best Selling!
Traditional Pudding Powder(1:6)

Are you in search of traditional pudding powder that is easy to dissolve, convenient to use, and boasts the popular taste of Taiwan?

Tachungho Jelly Expert, have developed a unique formula to create the classic ingredient for bubble tea - #TraditionalPuddingPowder.

The pudding has a smooth, tender, and chewy texture with a natural aroma of egg yolk, a flavor familiar to most Taiwanese.

Best Selling!
Strawberry Juice Concentrate

Do you also find the cost of using real strawberries to make beverages too high, but syrup without real strawberry pulp lacks authenticity?

Our Tachungho Strawberry Juice Concentrate contains 15% real strawberry pulp, providing a heightened sense of authenticity with visible fruit fibers.

Whether incorporated into mixed drinks or used in smoothie preparation, it delivers a fresh strawberry aroma and tartness.

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